I work in a way that allows patients access to how I am thinking and feeling in the moment. I often think out-loud which invites patients into my process and to join me in whatever it is that we are working towards. I find that my transparency emphasizes that our work together is a shared venture and that it facilitates a safe and mutual relationship that is essential for genuine reflection.

I am a “psychodynamic” (i.e., insight-oriented) psychotherapist. I work actively with my patients to gain insight into the meanings of their symptoms, formed and maintained through past and current experiences in their most significant relationships. With sensitivity and compassion, I ask patients to consider the roles they play in their conflicts, helping them to build greater awareness into their internal and interpersonal difficulties so that they can make active change. In my work, I strive to help my patients cultivate greater self-acceptance and compassion for themselves. I provide care, support, and practical feedback while working with my patients towards an understanding of the many contexts (e.g.cultural) that inform their unique personhood.

I am happy to collaborate with a psychiatrist, a doctor, or a therapist to aid in your treatment. I can also help you understand your insurance benefits and the setting up of out-of-network reimbursement.